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Innovation & Ideation

Spatial audio promises so much more than music applications and traditional listening behaviour.

Truly immersive gaming, VR, audiobooks, and health applications all begin with objected-oriented audio.

Biohack your brain with 3D sound and experience the world beyond traditional stereo sound.



For gaming, nothing beats 360 audio.

Legacy consoles simulated a sense of space by merely adjusting an effect's volume as objects move towards or away from the player. Today, 360 audio creates natural, true-to-life soundscapes which pinpoint precise and dynamic locations of every individual sound.

Now game developers can now design scenes around audio as well as visuals, sonically painting a 3D canvas dripping with detailed acoustics that impact the action. Just like distinct rays of light are generated as individual vectors, individual raindrops, footsteps, roars, and explosions are generated as individual audio objects - all placed in relation to a player's position in the game landscape.

Imagine a first-person shooter with 360 audio... spine-chilling footsteps as someone crosses a room on the floor above you. Wind howling from the east, warning of your bullet's shifted trajectory. The rattling of an ammo belt around your waist.

We can provide your game landscape with the interactive soundscape it truly deserves.



VR can open new dimension of events, training, sales, marketing, and even tourism.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality bring products, applications and manual training to life, enabling your staff or customers to experience content in a truly interactive and personal way. This is proven to increase recall and emotional engagement.

Audio however, is an overlooked but critical element of this engagement. When user's brain cannot visually distinguish between the virtual and the real, the audio must match - otherwise the brain rejects the experience. This phenomenon is known as "the uncanny valley".

We can can ensure your VR, AR, or MR experience is both visually and audibly coherent.



Audio, in its essence, is purely about storytelling. Audiobooks immerse readers in stories and stimulate their imagination to complete any gaps.

360 audio technology heightens this immersion by convincing a listener's brain that they are inside the story. Characters' voices, individual SFX and music occur all around (and can even interact with) the listener. This enhances the narrative engagement and characters' journeys, as listeners become a character within the author's imagined world.

Our in-house studio records audiobooks and podcasts. It is the natural evolution of this process to make these stories truly immersive with 360 audio.



Psycho-acoustic research proves that listening to certain tones of sound induce heightened brainwave states. Audio experiences can be engineered to simply stimulate the brain... or to produce more specific effects.

With repeated treatment, this results in expanded consciousness, & tangible health benefits. Psycho-acoustic treatment is an increasingly mainstream methodology and is available from many healthcare providers.

Patients can be treated with our 360 psycho-acoustic content in purpose-built professional environments... or via our mobile 13.1 speaker system arrays.



During coherent spatial meditations, sound waves stimulate auditory nerves to follow a complex path from Delta to Gamma brainwaves. This aids the expansion of consciousness and the understanding of universal love and harmony.

Our audio solutions take the listener beyond an external reality, to help them explore their inner world. This exploration is far more effective with an immersive audio journey than with a traditional stereo audio image.

We produce unique audio experiences for every listener, leading to enhanced meditation & neural development. Each individual's journey is important to us.

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