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Audiobooks & Sound Design

Immerse your users in the world of your story

If virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies rely on visual as well as auditory cues to tell stories and elicit emotional responses, audiobooks, podcasts, and other forms of storytelling are solely dependent upon sound. If the sound is the single sensory experience, it’s crucial that the user’s experience thereof is exceptional.

Audiobooks, podcasts, and aural storytelling can immerse readers within an imagined world with greater intimacy than any other form. 360º Audio heightens this experience by convincing the listener they are within this imagined world: inside the story. Imagination becomes more real than reality.

With 360º AUDIO, characters’ voices, individual SFX, music and soundscapes are spatial; the listener can enter into its realm. Narrative engagement is enhanced. Characters’ journeys come to life. And the user becomes the narrator’s innermost confidante.

Our in-house studio at The Crypt records audiobooks and podcasts; this is the natural evolution within the world of storytelling.

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