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For an immersive gaming experiences, nothing surpasses 360º audio

Once, legacy consoles simulated a sense of space by merely adjusting an effect’s volume as a player moved towards or away from an object. Today, 360º Audio creates natural, true-to-life soundscapes which pinpoint the precise and dynamic locations of each discreet sound.

We’ve taken leaps forward. Now, game developers can design meticulous scenes and storylines centred around audio. They can construct sonic paintings dense with detailed acoustic cues (raindrops, footsteps, roars, explosions) all of which impact the action inasmuch as visuals might.

Imagine a first-person shooter enhanced by 360º Audio: footsteps from above betray an enemy’s whereabouts, the creak of floorboards tracking each spine-chilling step. The wind, howling from the east, rattles windowpanes and brings the distant clamour of warfare, You can feel your ammo belt swing and rattle with each step. A sudden noise, and you can sense that, in this room, you’re not alone. Then a bullet darts right in front of your face, whistling as it passes.

With 360º Audio, you’re not playing a game; you’re in it.

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