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Live 360° Audio Streaming

From live to alive

"With platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, or Amazon Music enabling spatial sound, the ability to conceive music directly in immersive is not just a luxury; it's a need."
Guillaume le Nost
Guillaume Le Nost
Executive Director of Creative Technologies at L-Acoustics


What is the meaning of live? ARK360 is challenging your preconceptions. Pioneers of the immersive live-show landscape, we are creating the most exciting event experiences, making cutting-edge concerts and next-level live streams.

Bursting beyond venue walls, ARK360 technologies send the live-show experience from stadiums, clubs, and theatres to the home. At the vanguard of immersive audio, we specialise in transforming any gig, concert, theatrical performance, broadcast, playback, or virtual reality event into an enhanced ticket-worthy experience to watch from anywhere.

The merit of this technology is two-fold: producing revenue sources and monetising audiences, while offering consumers life-altering access to their favourite artists and performers. LIVE 360º AUDIO revolutionises both the live experience and live economy.


360º AUDIO places the consumer within a 3D space by building evocative audio images, recreating real-life venues, and constructing virtual worlds. Attending, not just watching, a live show, the consumer is provided with technologies that allow them to navigate virtual spaces - interacting with venue acoustics, walking around performers, and exploring multiple sound sources – allowing for an intimacy surpassing that of the regular gig-goer.

Our 360º AUDIO solution is compatible with the most popular VR systems such as Oculus and HTC Vive. Our technologies also enhance the live experience within a venue, utilising object-oriented audio solutions to make for breathtakingly immersive experiences.


Our LIVE 360º team works closely with existing production teams (artists, directors, FOH engineers, and vision mixers), while providing our own on-site team.

We can create, live mix, trigger, and manoeuvre up to 80 sound sources in the 3D space during any live show, introducing unlimited creative options to explore for artists and directors alike. Through object-oriented audio, we can create multiple sound sources for rendered SFX, such as additional sources above and below audiences, festival relay towers, and virtual objects.

Moreover, our 360º technologies help clients overcome acoustic challenges in venues. We can add virtual audiences, objects and SFX which interact with the music. Equally, we can remove challenges like delay, reverb and, indeed, tackle the lack of ambient noise in an empty venue.

The final mix is encoded, with the output exported to various formats, ready for live streaming, on-demand streaming, or broadcasting to any headset.

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