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Ark360 creates exclusively immersive audio NFTs from established as well as up and coming artists, immersive audiobooks, meditations, and podcasts.

The next-generation audio NFT’s technology hands power back to creators and provides more realism through sound from above as well as around the listener. Sound sources such as vocals, chorus and instruments in space perfectly match the creative and artistic intent. When playing back the resulting content, users can enjoy music that immerses them in sound from every direction as intended by the content creator.

Ark360 NFTs deliver enveloping immersive sound and allows user-adjustable levels and customizable audio descriptions, allowing the media consumption experience to be tailored to individual preferences and needs.

Ark360 NFTs offers an audio-based DASH system that supports stutter-free streaming and audio I-frames for easy DASH bitstream switching and easy splicing for ad insertion.

The highest audio quality streaming service is available from 48kHZ up to 96khz with the lowest latency.

Universal Delivery – Regardless of the device, the Ark360 NFTs deliver the best sound experience possible – in the home theatre as well as on smartphones, tablets and Virtual Reality devices.

Speaker-foolproof rendering for the best sound from legacy speakers improved rendering technologies in the system offer the ability to play any Ark360 NFTs on any speaker configuration and may be able to correct misplaced speakers in the consumer’s listening room. The renderer also offers improved downmix quality by avoiding signal cancellation and may render a limited impression of height without height speakers, for legacy 5.1 or 2.0 consumers.

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