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Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality

Creating the soundtrack for a new generation of cutting-edge 3D experiences

"Scientists have spent hundreds of years trying to understand how human sensory organs work, concluding that sight is the most important sense, followed hearing"
Asifa Majid
Professor of Language, Communication and Cultural Cognition, Goldsmiths University

We are experiencing a new dawn. Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technology has arrived in the home, the workplace and in our entertainment spaces. But how real is this reality when its sound-world isn’t truly immersive?

Sound is an overlooked yet essential element in our engagement with (virtual) reality. Reality is a sensual experience: we experience it and understand it through our senses. And scientists routinely affirm that in our society, after seeing, hearing is the sense we derive most information from. So, for Virtual Realities to truly feel real, VR’s advancements in visual technologies must be matched in audio. Alas, it currently is not. On the latest VR hardware, there is still a gulf between the visual and auditory: the former is 360º, 3D; the latter is not. Despite the user’s brain being unable to visually distinguish between the virtual and the real, the inferior audio does not match, meaning the brain rejects the experience – a phenomenon known as “the uncanny valley”.

This is where we come in. With 360º AUDIO, we can ensure your VR, AR or MR experience is visually and audibly coherent, opening new dimensions and reaching new horizons in virtual reality technology.

Besides revolutionising home entertainment, VR is reaching new frontiers in training, sales, marketing, and even tourism. Bringing products, applications, and manual training to life, enabling colleagues and customers to experience content in truly intimate and interactive ways, has proven to increase recall and emotional engagement.

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